Ginger Wikilyiri, Frank Young and Keith Stevens, Nyapari Community 2017

Ginger Wikilyiri, Frank Young and Keith Stevens, Nyapari Community 2017


The APY Art Centre Collective shows innovative leadership in Indigenous visual arts and has won the loyalty of the most discerning Indigenous Art Collectors across the globe. Our national exhibition and events program, coupled with a prominent social media platform enables us to reach an audience in excess of 50,000 a year, with works from APY Artists collected by museums and institutions within Australia and abroad in unprecedented volume. In addition to exhibitions with the most prestigious Indigenous art galleries in Australia we also engage in annual exhibition and artistic outcomes across Asia and Europe. Our now renowned regional projects like Kulata Tjuta (Many Spears) and the large scale collaborative works painted on the APY Lands are similarly celebrated by art lovers within Australia and abroad.

Being a APY Art Centre Collective Corporate Partner provides exclusive access to premium experiences and brand integrations. Benefits are tailored to each individual partnership to effectively meet your corporate strategies and objectives.

Partnership Benefits include:

  • Premium access to events hosted within the APY Art Gallery (Sydney)

  • Access to APY Artist talks, demonstrations and cultural performance as a part of your corporate events

  • Access to APY Artists and performers for corporate marketing and events

  • Opportunities to create projects that engage your staff and community partners

  • Invitations to corporate networking events with our corporate and private supporters

  • Brand integration with APY Art Centre Collective marketing and PR campaigns

  • Creation of brand promotions to reach APY Art Centre Collective audiences


The APY Art Centre Collective offers a range of partnership opportunities to align with:

Kulata Tjuta Project

Support Community Elders in this internationally celebrated project which keeps the important cultural business of wood carving and crafts alive on the APY Lands. This project has drawn in hundreds of young male artists to APY Art Centres, who are now participating in art making in significantly increased numbers. The artistic outcomes of the Kulata Tjuta project are diverse, and the project has given rise to a compelling series of major installation works best described as both distinct, and thrilling.

Professional Development/ Education program for Young Aboriginal Artists and Art workers

We are committed to delivering a meaningful professional development program to artists and art workers from the APY Lands. The challenge of living in remote communities means these professional development opportunities are extremely limited for the young and highly motivated artists living on the APY Lands.

Contribution to the infrastructure and assets of APY Art Centres.

The APY Art Centre Collective plays and important role in supporting APY Art Centres to operate in a seamless and supported manner in what is often a challenging environment. APY Art Centres often experience crisis damage or are in need of sudden repairs to infrastructure and assets. Your contribution will make an immediate impact on the ground in affected APY communities.

To enquire about potential partnerships please contact our development team on